Wireless Contractor Kits

The SMRT Wireless Contractor Kits are truly an all in one solution. The kits come in an "Economy PIR Contractor Kit" with a PIR motion and daylight sensor, and a 3 button on/off raise lower switch, that will fit in with every budget. Our fully loaded "Premium Contractor Kit", gives you the power of Dual Tech Sensor technology, and a 3 button scene switch. Both come with a powerful Bluetooth 10 AMP 0-10V dimming power pack.

As a distributor, you have everything that your contractor needs, in one box. No more of your time is required thumbing through catalogs, or scrolling through web pages to find sensors that will work with the right power pack and wall switch. We've done all of that for you, and its all in one box. Ready to go, ready to be installed. As a contractor, you don't need to pick up junction boxes for your power pack and sensors, we put them right in the box for you. Did you run out of orange wire nuts? No problem, they are in the kit as well. And did  you really think we'd send you a wireless wall switch without batteries? The batteries are in the kit too. Wouldn't be nice if the wall switch came with a matching Decora Faceplate? With a SMRT kit, it does!. Pick up a wireless Economy PIR Contractor Kit, or a Premium Contractor Kit. It's truly grab n go. Does your job call for daylight harvesting? No problem, we've got you covered with our SMRT Daylight Harvesting kit, with everything you need in one box.

There are no programming or start up costs, if your choose to use our free Bluetooth app. You can make all of your configuration changes right there in the app for free, as well as control your system right from your phone or tablet!

We realize that apps aren't for everyone, so we also offer remote start up, for a very small fee, as well as on site start up from one of our field engineering professionals. We've got you covered, no matter what direction you choose to go. 

  • No Running Wires Down The Wall

    The wireless power pack communicates wirelessly through a Bluetooth mesh network to the sensors and wall switches. The only wires required are to run power to the power pack and Dual Tech sensor, both of which are installed in the ceiling. No wires or junction boxes are required to run to the wall switch. You can also use your wireless wall switch as a remote control sitting on your desk top.

  • Batteries Included with Wall Switch

    The 2 lithium batteries have a life expectancy of about 5 years. It is a 5 button wall switch that you can set to "AUTO", which means the system will run off of the sensors and trigger the lights as someone walks into the space. You can turn the lights on or off, raise or lower the light level, and set up to 3 scenes as well. You can also use the same virtual wall switch to control your lights with our free Bluetooth app. 

  • Bluetooth Mesh Network

    It all comes together with our state of the art Bluetooth mesh network. Grab the lights you want and add them to a group, change some or all of the light levels. On cct fixtures, set some to more warm color and set others to a cooler color. Configure, and control your lights with the touch of a button. Set it and forget it, or change it as much as you want to!

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